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  • BK® Positive Steps

    To us, corporate responsibility isn’t about the final destination, it’s about the journey and how we are going to get there. We know our policies and procedures will evolve and change as the landscape in which we do business evolves and changes. We see corporate responsibility as an imperative.

    The better job we do at being responsible today, the better our business will be in the future. We know that from a pure business sense, it can help us manage risk, enhance employee morale and retention, strengthen brand loyalty, build goodwill in the communities in which we operate and can directly affect the bottom line such as with energy savings and waste reduction. We also know that it must be a way of thinking before it becomes a way of acting. And the only way to accomplish that is to embed it fully into our brand. That is why our approach is stakeholder-driven, focused on four key areas – Food, People, Environment and Corporate Governance.

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  • BK®'s Corporate Responsibility

    BK® Corporate

    With thousands of restaurants and millions of guests around the world, we realize that by instituting small changes we can make a big impact. We recognize that we will be better able to realize our goals and objectives if we continue to do the right thing as a responsible corporate citizen in today's global marketplace. By instituting best practices, and educating and working with our employees and our business partners, we will continue to take steps to make meaningful contributions to our communities around the globe.

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  • BK® and The BURGER KING McLAMORE<sup>SM</sup> Foundation

    BK® and The BURGER KING McLAMORESM Foundation

    At the heart of our philanthropy program is our BURGER KING McLAMORESM Foundation. The foundation's mission is to make a positive impact in the communities in which we work and live, in collaboration with our extended BK® family. A U.S. based 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable organization, the BURGER KING McLAMORESM Foundation is governed by a board of directors consisting of our executives and franchisees.


BKC's Corporate Responsibility Report

Commitment to Food


For over 50 years, our restaurants have been serving high quality, great tasting and affordable food around the world. Our commitment to the food we serve is what defines us as a company and is at the center of our
HAVE IT YOUR WAY® brand promise.

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Commitment to People


We are dedicated to supporting and investing in our people – employees, franchisees, suppliers and restaurant guests – because they are the cornerstone of our business. In many different ways, we do all that we can to serve employees and guest alike.

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Commitment to the Environment


The heightened global debate regarding the role of business in sustainability has highlighted many of the challenges and expectations among all businesses, including the quick-service restaurant industry.

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Commitment to Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

While we opened our restaurant doors over 50 years ago, 2009 marks the third year as a public company for Burger King Worldwide (BKC). In a short amount of time, BKC has created a integral corporate governance and compliance program.

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