Employee Profile - Alex Murphy

Alex Murphy
Director, Company Operations
University of North Florida, Business Management, 2011
Favorite BURGER KING® restaurant product: Original Chicken Sandwich
Alex Murphy

What attracted me to BKC

What attracted me to BKC was the ability to work in a restaurant operating company while developing myself in a large corporate setting. Additionally, 3G has an unbelievable track record of developing top business leaders.

My career path so far

I joined BKC through the Leadership Development Program, where I worked for three months in a restaurant to understand all aspects of BURGER KING® restaurant field operations. After my three months in New York, I joined the Global Operations team where I developed the pilot program for our brand’s e-Learning platform. Once I completed my rotational program, I then became a District Manager overseeing 10 company-owned restaurants. In this role, I managed all aspects of the business from marketing, to people, to profitability. One year later I was promoted to be a Director of Franchisee Performance, where I oversaw 10 operations coaches and over 350 franchise locations. My challenge was to improve restaurant operations and incentivize franchisees to improve their restaurant’s image.

After doing this role in both the Southeast and Midwest Divisions, I was promoted to my current role as Director of Company Operations. I now oversee our company restaurant portfolio consisting of 51 restaurants delivering $77 million dollars in sales annually. My challenge is to create the model BURGER KING® restaurant market with the best operations, highest profits, and strongest people development process.

My view on the BKC culture

The culture at BKC is very performance-driven. We are very goal-orientated and we have incredible management routines to track and measure our progress. By setting aggressive targets, monitoring them frequently, and controlling our expenses, we are able to create a culture of performance.

My most rewarding moments working at BKC

BKC at its core is a true meritocracy. Given our meritocratic nature, we often find ourselves seeing many people from our teams getting promotions and developing their careers. For me, the most rewarding moments in working for BKC have been seeing my employees get promoted to take on more responsibility within the organization.

My advice if you’re thinking of applying to BKC

If you are looking to work hard, develop your business skill set, and become an owner, BKC is the place for you.

How I bring it to BKC every day

At BKC, you need to have a strong sense of ownership. I bring it to BKC by coming to work every day and treating each of my restaurants as if they were my own.