Employee Profile - Gonzalo Carmona

Gonzalo Carmona
Manager, Business Development, EMEA Region
ICADE E4, Economics and International Business, Finance Concentration, 2013
Favorite BURGER KING® restaurant product: WHOPPER® sandwich
Gonzalo Carmona

What attracted me to BKC

BKC is known as a dynamic and fast-moving company. The brand is growing internationally, and in EMEA we particularly get a lot of exposure to this. Not only does BKC have great brand awareness, but it was also bought in 2010 by one of the largest investment firms in Brazil, 3G Capital.

My career path so far

I started in the Leadership Development Program in July 2013 where I did two months of restaurant training. Further to this, I rotated through two departments inside BKC - Marketing in Emerging and Growth Markets, deploying the marketing strategy, and EMEA Development, helping the brand develop restaurants for the entire EMEA Division.

My view on the BKC culture

One word – meritocratic.

My most rewarding moments working at BKC

While rotating in Marketing Emerging and Growth Markets (EGM), I was assigned to do a case study. The final outcome was a presentation that I presented to the Vice President for EGM. When I presented the study, I received some feedback from him and surprisingly for me, after the meeting he sat next to me and together we finalized the things that were missing in the presentation. I have never worked in a company where everyone is so accessible and ready to help.

My advice if you’re thinking of applying to BKC

Do it! This company is full of energy, exposure, and fun!

How I bring it to BKC every day

Show ownership for projects or other things and stretch yourself to get them. Even if the project seems tough at the beginning, show ownership for it. This will make you accountable to others and stretch yourself to the limit!