Employee Profile - Jolee VanLeuven

Jolee VanLeuven
Director, BURGER KINGSM University, Management & Learning Department
MBA, Univ. of Chicago (Booth), 2013
Favorite BURGER KING® restaurant product: the Crown
Jolee VanLeuven

What attracted me to BKC

The ownership mentality – I appreciated the ability to take the reins of a project and follow it through to completion.

My career path so far

I managed our Management By Objectives (MBO) process when I first joined. The MBO process is how the organization codifies annual goals and measures achievement against them. Six months into my tenure, I transitioned to my current role as the global owner for corporate training through BURGER KING® University (BKU). I determine those skills and categories of knowledge our employees need in order to meet and exceed expectations in their roles and how to best deliver that information – either in trainings and seminars, online courses, conferences, readings etc.

My view on the BKC culture

BKC is comprised of incredibly intelligent individuals who bring diverse work and life experience to their roles. I am constantly learning from those around me and facing challenges in my work. We set radical targets and push to reach them, but we also work as a team and have a “we’re all in this together, to win” mentality. I always feel like there is someone there to help if I need it.

My most rewarding moments working at BKC

BKC adheres to a strict Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB) program, which includes “Package Owners” of cost categories. A couple months into my time at BKC, I was instated as the Package Owner of all global recruiting and training costs. I didn’t think I would like this role, but it has allowed me to push myself outside my comfort zone and quickly implement my ideas, reaping the savings for the business incredibly quickly. The monthly updates I make directly to our CFO really drive home how important the ZBB program and my efforts are. The other part of the job I love is the three days each corporate employee must spend in the restaurants. It gives you an important perspective on how we actually operate and make money. My favorite job is working the fryers during the lunch rush.

My advice if you’re thinking of applying to BKC

Ask yourself if you are comfortable with uncertainty and fast pace. Change occurs often and quickly.

How I bring it to BKC every day

I wake up every morning genuinely excited to go to work. I want to perform for my team and am motivated to hit my targets not just for my bonus but to make this organization better. I feel lucky to be so challenged and engaged in my work.