Employee Profile - Matthew Banton

Matthew Banton
Director, Marketing Innovation, North America Region
University of Florida, Master of Science in Management, 2011
Favorite BURGER KING® restaurant product: WHOPPER JR.® sandwich with cheese, no mayo, and add BBQ sauce.
Matthew Banton

What attracted me to BKC

I was attracted by the BKC culture and the notion of giving smart talented people a lot of responsibility very early in their careers. I know I could both learn and have meaningful contributions to the company right away.

My career path so far

I started my career at BKC through the LDP program, completing rotations in marketing execution and marketing innovation. Since then I have grown within innovation, being directly responsible for leading one half of the North America Innovation team. My view on the BKC culture: The culture at BKC is very open and one where you are constantly being challenged to go beyond traditional forms of thinking.

My most rewarding moments working at BKC

My most memorable moment at BKC was when my first products were introduced as national limited time offers. It was great seeing the final end product, especially knowing all the hard work that was involved in the launch.

My advice if you’re thinking of applying to BKC

BKC is the ideal place for someone who wants to create significant impact very early in their career. It’s a place were being bold and having unconventional thinking is not only praised but also encouraged.

How I bring it to BKC every day

Being in a mature industry, there are a lot of established processes and practices. However, to meet our aggressive goals we cannot operate in a conventional manner. So on every project/product launch I am always trying to optimize the process to give BURGER KING® restaurants a competitive advantage over our competitors.