Employee Profile - Patrick Jung

Patrick Jung
Manager, Retail Innovation, EMEA Region
Pontifical University Comillas (ICADE Madrid), E-4 Ciencias Empresiariales Internationales, 2012 ESB Business School (Reutlingen, Germany), International Management, 2012
Favorite BURGER KING® restaurant product: The WHOPPER® sandwich with cheese is amazing, but the TENDERCRISP® sandwich is my favorite.
Patrick Jung

What attracted me to BKC

It’s a great brand facing the challenge of international peculiarities. This has developed a bold company structure focusing very specifically on managing the brand from headquarters and solving all regional challenges efficiently, cooperating closely with franchisees.

My career path so far

I joined BKC in 2013 through the Leadership Development program. After several weeks of in-restaurant training, I held rotational positions in the Marketing Intelligence and Consumer Insights teams for EMEA. In 2014, I was placed in my current role as the head of Retail Innovation for EMEA. In January 2015, I was promoted to Manager adding more responsibilites to my role as head of Retail Innovation for EMEA.

My view on the BKC culture

Hands-on and hard-working. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty to clean the test kitchen or negotiate directly with CEOs from our global suppliers.

My most rewarding moments working at BKC

My role in Retail Innovation was unexpected, and it’s been a great challenge to broaden my set of skills and knowledge. It got me out of my comfort zone to further develop. Trust has been placed in me and I’ve been given several responsibilities, which has been the greatest reward for my efforts and commitment to the company’s success. On top of that, I’m still friends with most of my LDP classmates, and we often meet outside of work to have fun together.

My advice if you’re thinking of applying to BKC

If you think you won’t manage the work load or responsibility, take the challenge and give it your best effort to become an outstanding performer.

How I bring it to BKC every day

My two objectives to contribute to the company are increasing traffic and sales for existing restaurants and creating new sales channels. I come to come to work every morning with those two objectives in mind, taking ownership and responsibility as importantly to me as if I were directing my own department.