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Crowncard FAQ

1) Where can I get a BK® Crown Card?

Answer: BK® Crown Cards can be purchased at your local BK® Restaurant, or online at



2) What BURGER KING® locations in my area are participating in the BK® Crown Card Program?

Answer: All BURGER KING® Restaurants located in North America should be participating in the BK® Crown Card program. Please visit to find your nearest location.



3) How can I check my card balance?

Answer: Simply go to and you will be able to check your balance.



4) Approximately, how long will cards purchased online take to reach the buyer?

Answer: Traditional plastic card orders are processed and shipped within three (3) business days, excluding holidays, and delivery time will be determined by the method selected. Virtual gift cards are delivered immediately or date purchaser selects. 



5) How can I consolidate multiple card balances into one card?

Answer: We can send your information along to the appropriate department. They will be able to consolidate the balances on your cards for you. The balance transfer takes 7 to 10 days to complete. We do not have an online balance transfer function at this time. A new card will be issued with sum of the total balances.



6) Can the card that I purchased or received in the US/Canada be used overseas?

Answer: No, unfortunately your card will not work overseas. 



7) Can a US card be used in Canada and vice versa?

Answer: Yes, you should be able to use your US Card in Canada and vice versa.



8) If my card will not work what do I do?

Answer: Contact (866) 394-2493 for assistance. We will send your information along to the appropriate department that will be able to take the necessary steps to send you a replacement card. A new card will be issued in 7 to 10 days. 



9) I want to report my card lost/stolen or need a replacement card, what do I do? / What happens if I lose my card?

Answer: You can leave your information with a Guest Relations representative and they will ensure that it is passed along to the appropriate department. They will be able to properly report your card as lost/stolen. If you did not register your card, unfortunately there is nothing we can do as there is no tracking in place for your balance. A new card will be issued in 7 to 10 days.



10) Why do I need to have an online account and register my BK® Crown Card?

Answer: Although you are not required to register your card, it is beneficial in the event the card is lost or stolen. By registering you can also receive BK® news, fresh offers, coupons, and other delicious deals.



11) What if the nearest BURGER KING® restaurant doesn't accept my card? Can I get a refund?

Answer: If your nearest BURGER KING® restaurant will not accept your card, please let us know so that we can have the appropriate department follow-up with them. We can absolutely send your information along to the department that will be able to provide you with a refund. Someone will be in touch with you in 7 to 10 days to start the process. The refund will take approximately 6-8 weeks to be fully processed. You will receive your refund via check through the mail.



12) I purchased a BK® Crown Card at the restaurant but they didn’t load my funds, what do I do? / When I made a purchase the BURGER KING® restaurant charged my BK® Crown Card twice how do I get the money back?

Answer: You will need to take the receipt that shows the balance that you purchased and your card back to the location and ask to speak to the Manager on Duty. Explain what happened and they should be able to help you. If you are not receiving the assistance that you need from the Manager, we can take your name, contact information and Card# and escalate your concerns. Your information will be forwarded along to the appropriate department who will get in touch with the management at the location on your behalf to attempt to resolve the situation.



13) When I tried to place an order for a BK® Crown Card over $500 it gave my Failed Merchant Rule error?

Answer: The website will not allow an order over $500 to be processed. You will need to decrease the amount that you are looking to purchase or visit your local BK® Restaurant to obtain a card with this full amount on it.



14) Why is it when I try to use my card the cashier tells me the card is "Unable to Read"?

Answer: The strip on the back of the card may be worn out or de-magnetized which means it can’t be read by the machine that it is swiped through. We will need to replace your card. Contact (866) 394-2493 for assistance.



15) When I am online and trying to re-load my card, why am I getting an error that says my order was declined for Fraud and the funds are put on hold?

Answer: The rules for ordering and re-loading on the BK® Crown Card website are extremely high to rule out fraud. Check to make sure that your billing information matches what you have provided your bank/Credit Card company with. Everything must match exactly including punctuation, abbreviations, uppercase/lowercase letters etc.



16) Why can’t the cashiers at the restaurants just key in the number to my card?

Answer: Some of our BK® locations do not support the ability to be able to simply type in your card number. The employee that you spoke with may simply not know how to do this. Please ask the employee to check with their manager. If the issue is not resolved please contact (866) 394-2493 for assistance. We will ensure that your feedback is forwarded to the location.