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Your success is our success! Our training programs are designed to create and sustain a Bold, Empowered, Accountable and Fun culture, so you and your teams can perform at the highest levels, and your business can grow and be profitable. Our training team is committed to providing you the tools to make your business a success for employees at all levels of your organization. To get started, you are required to attend a two week Franchisee Orientation and log up to 440 hours of in-restaurant training. During this initial training process, you will learn and experience all aspects of running a BURGER KING® restaurant. 



It's our mission to ensure that a guest's BURGER KING® experience is equally outstanding whether in Miami, Madrid or Manila. Our comprehensive Manual of Operating Data combined with the support of our field teams provides you with the guidance needed to help your restaurant teams deliver the service that BURGER KING® guests deserve and have come to expect. Our Restaurant Support Center operations team and our field team will work directly with you and your teams to provide you with the tools you’ll need to operate at the highest level and maintain the reputation of the BURGER KING® brand. 



What's in a name? When you are a global brand, everything. There are more than 50 years of brand history—and counting—behind the BURGER KING® brand. Day in and day out, our marketing team turns innovative ideas into winning programs that resonate with our guests and expand our brand on a global level. Whether it's in your franchise-owned restaurant or halfway around the world, we ensure that our guests know exactly what to expect when they see our logo. No matter where you go, no matter what language you speak, the BURGER KING® brand represents quality you can trust.


When you become a BURGER KING® franchisee, you gain access to a team of experts who know just how to grow your business and give you advice where it matters most.


Director of Franchise Performance (DFP)

The DFP consults with you on all aspects of restaurant operations and provides ongoing support as your business grows. In addition, the DFP acts as your primary above restaurant level Burger King Corporation contact, offering insight and coaching to help you achieve success. The DPF plays a key role in helping you implement Burger King Corporation’s world-class operating systems throughout your organization.


Sales, Profit and Operations Coach (SPO Coach)

The SPO works directly with your restaurant teams to grow sales and profits by improving the daily execution of operations. Their primary objective is to review your operations and work with your teams to develop an action plan that will strengthens the team’s ability to deliver quality food, excellent guest service and clean and inviting restaurants. They focus on creating an environment of continuous improvement helping the team set goals and consistently execute in order to deliver the guests’ expectations. The Sales, Profit & Operations Coach is the primary Burger King Corporation contact for your restaurant management team.


Real Estate Manager (REM)

The REM provides expertise, support and direction in all aspects of growing your BURGER KING® restaurant count, including real estate site selection, expansion planning, trade area analysis, market demographics and other real estate matters.


Construction and Design Manager (CM)

The CM provides expertise and recommendations on site layouts, permitting and image and assists you with a practical, cost-effective business approach whether you are remodeling your restaurants or building new ones. You will also be provided with guidelines, equipment specifications, source lists and design review.


Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

BURGER KING® franchisees can become members of a franchisee-owned purchasing cooperative called Restaurant Services, Inc. (RSI). RSI negotiates the price of goods and services supplied by Burger King Corporation-approved suppliers and distributors to BURGER KING® franchisees in North America. Using approved vendors and products allows you to leverage the vast purchasing power of the more than 7,500 restaurants in the BURGER KING® system in North America. Through its website at, RSI provides members with online ordering and the latest supply chain information and tools to help them manage their restaurants more efficiently.